What is happening in universities ?

“I was completely shocked because I hadn’t realised I’d done it”

When a student learnt that she had plagiarism in her essay, she said that she didn’t even notice that she did it. In the end, she had to re-write her essay, while having a constant fear of plagiarism in her head.
The fact is, the only information about plagiarism she was given, was a brief tutorial at the university. But infact, she was not really aware about what really is plagiarism or how she could do to avoid it.

“To tackle the problem universities should provide more support for struggling students.”
“Some students are coming in without a strong set of research, writing and referencing skills.”

The full Guardian article here

Preventing Plagiarism with Compilatio

Compilatio is here to help institutions preventing plagiarism. The most important thing isn’t to penalise the student who did plagiarise an essay, even more when he/she didn’t know anything about it.

The sooner you help your students to understand what is plagiarism, better they will behave about it. Sensitising your students about this current issue will help them to write better essays, at least without plagiarism.

With Magister, Compilatio’s software for teachers, you can analyse the content of an essay. The goal isn’t to penalise, but to help the students to understand where and why the essay may contain plagiarism.
Compilatio is providing more than a software: we collaborate with institutions to build a strong and educational policy to prevent plagiarism.

Plagiarism Prevention with Compilatio