Promoting integrity
in other schools
with sponsorship

Sponsor another establishment

and Compilatio offers you training

You have made the choice of authenticity with Compilatio, inspire other institutions to join us.

With the Magister sponsorship programme, you are advocating for the development of academic integrity and making life easier for your colleagues by offering reliable and effective tools. In addition, you benefit from free training for your institution and you pass this on to your sponsored institution too. 

So, put us in touch with an Academic Referrer or a Project Manager.

What is Magister sponsorship?

What is Magister sponsorship?

In your network, you probably have colleagues at another institution who are concerned about plagiarism!
Help them to understand the anti-plagiarism tools that exist by getting in touch with Compilatio easily. We will introduce them to our approach and educational resources.

  • Your gain as a sponsor: a free Compilatio training course.
    Thanks to your recommendation, you can choose your reward from several training courses for teaching staff and/or students.
    The training is carried out remotely for a duration of two hours.
  • The reward for your godson: also a two-hours remote learning session of your choice.

Your respective training module is offered and to be chosen after the signature of the Compilatio subscription by the sponsored institution. 

Compilatio Magister sponsorship

How can I benefit from this Magister sponsorship?

The condition is that you have one or more contacts to communicate to us, that's all.

There is no obligation for your institution to have a Compilatio Magister subscription to participate in the Magister sponsorship programme.

To become a sponsor, send us the name of the institution to be sponsored and the contact details of the person to be contacted on your behalf via the contact form on this page.

  • We will build the project together.
  • As soon as your sponsored child signs the contract
  • you benefit from your sponsorship offer.
  • A sponsor can have several sponsorship godchildren.

How does sponsorship work at Compilatio?

You complete the form
with the contact details of the person to be contacted.
We build the project together
to promote its chances of success.
We contact your sponsor
from you for constructive exchanges.
We make his project real
with the signature of the subscription.
We offer you training
of your choice, as well as to your godchild.

As sponsor and sponsored participant
each choose your own free remote learning training

expertise plagiarism compilatio
Benefit from Compilatio's expertise

in your plagiarism prevention.

Save time training plagiarism
Save time in training

academic integrity actors.

anti-plagiarism copyright
Mastering the subtleties of copyright law

to enhance the value of the diplomas obtained.

Interested in Magister sponsorship?
Let's talk about this project

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