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Concrete actions to create an environment that promotes authenticity

Are you wondering why Compilatio would be THE right ally for your anti-plagiarism project
On this page, we answer this question by presenting:

  • the fundamental pillars for building your anti-plagiarism project,
  • Compilatio support, to guide your missions and actions
  • the resources you can call on to save time and expertise.
plagiarism detection
From DETECTION to catch fraudsters...


When Compilatio was created in 2005, the institutions used it for repressive purposes, with the aim of catching fraudsters by detecting plagiarism.

... to PREVENTION to enhance authenticity.


Today, Compilatio is used for educational purposes, with the aim of creating learning opportunities and guaranteeing integrity by preventing cheating.

plagiarism chart

The 5 Compilatio pillars for your anti-plagiarism project

To promote integrity, Compilatio has conceptualised 5 fundamental pillars to put in place. 

  • Regulation : Establish a regulatory framework
    → Have a common frame of reference for all those involved in the institution, with instructions for good conduct and precise procedures in the event of cheating.

  • Training : Training and information
    → Promote integrity and the associated knowledge to everyone through pre-built training modules and available teaching resources. 
  • Assessment: Monitor and promote
    → Measure the effectiveness of anti-plagiarism actions using similarity detection and artificial intelligence detection software, accessible as SaaS or via LMS
  • Communication : Inform every players
    → Make the approach visible to ensure that the rules are known, using all the channels and tools available, including Infoplag.
  • Optimisation : Recurrent improvement
    → Ensure an effective anti-plagiarism strategy over the long term with the recommendations given by Compilatio during regular monitoring or resulting from your anti-plagiarism surveys.

Compilatio helps your "Integrity Project Team" to build these 5 pillars for your establishment.

The importance of responsibility

Michelle Bergadaà

« It will never be sufficient simply to punish students who plagiarise: we should teach them to take responsibility upstream and create, across educational institutions, specific modules for informing, educating and helping those who might be tempted to cheat. »

How does Compilatio guide your 3 educational missions?

plagiarism awareness
Raise awareness

to guarantee academic integrity,
Compilatio helps you raise awareness of copyright among students with articles, online conferences, posters and prevention banners...

plagiarism detection help

to ensure digital citizenship,
Compilatio enables you to support your students in learning good research and writing practice, through methodological sheets, video tutorials, quizzes, training courses, etc.

plagiarism detector

to enhance the authenticity of written work,
Compilatio enables you to assess the conformity and acquisition of knowledge thanks to its plagiarism verification and detection software: similarity and AI detection

anti-plagiarism project support

Compilatio's support to develop your anti-plagiarism project

Regular follow-up with integrity project managers

Compilatio is the only anti-plagiarism specialist to provide triple annual monitoring to build and consolidate your actions.

  • 1st month monitoring → Define the actions to be taken for optimum deployment of Compilatio resources.
  • 6th month monitoring → Establish an assessment of use and set out optimisation actions.
  • 9th month monitoring → Produce an annual review and define recurring actions for the following year.

The Compilatio support team helps your institution to make your anti-plagiarism project sustainable. The team also organizes regular webinars and training sessions to consolidate your actions.
Note: 1-6-9 monitoring is only available to academic institutions and establishments.

⭐ Referrers rate Compilatio's follow-up service 4.6 / 5.


anti-plagiarism tools

Support from Compilatio to facilitate the use of anti-plagiarism tools

Resources directly available to users

From their individual accounts, users can access resources to help them master the use of Compilatio tools:

The right services to save time
increase efficiency and enhance expertise

to raise awareness about copyright, correct research practices and good writing methods

your website to make your integrity project visible and communicate about plagiarism

to understand cheating practices and behaviour to assess and support your project

to involve as many people as possible and build your anti-plagiarism project together

to strengthen the prevention and detection of plagiarism

Compilatio adapts to your needs

For teachers
Magister and Magister+

Compilatio Magister and Compilatio Magister+: similarity and AI detectors to raise your students' awareness.

For students

Compilatio Studium: similarity detector and resources to avoid plagiarism in your academic work and reports.

For writers
Copyright and Copyright+

Compilatio Copyright and Copyright+: comprehensive anti-plagiarism programmes for editorial and publishing professionals.

Reviews of Compilatio :
95% of institutions re-subscribe every year
and referrers rate the Compilatio follow-up 4.6 out of 5.

High-quality support

« Honestly, your support exceeds that of most of our service providers. »

Availability and tools appreciated

« I'm completely satisfied with the support offered. I really appreciate the availability of each and every one of you. The toolbox documents and webinars are also a very good source of information and help. »

Awareness-raising approach

« We use Compilatio not in a punitive way but in a process of raising awareness, in preparation for higher education. [...] We ask students to create a composite document, with an assortment of copied-and-pasted text, so they can see the percentage of similarities found by Compilatio plagiarism-detection tools. Then comes the work of learning, when students must adapt the copied texts... They must understand that they can use external sources, but they must absolutely cite them. […] »

Educational aspect

« I greatly appreciated your emphasis on the educational aspect, in terms of sharing information, raising awareness and training, during the training session. It can be easy to punish students, but they will still need to develop the necessary knowledge and skills! »

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