Combat plagiarism with Compilatio

A comprehensive preventive approach

Compilatio provides educational resources to prevent and detect plagiarism and copied-and-pasted text in written work (internship reports, research papers, dissertations, theses, etc.): software to check for similarities with online content, prevention materials, tools and training modules, assistance with monitoring an anti-plagiarism project, etc.

Compilatio supports educational institution administrations, teaching staff, students and writers in understanding plagiarism and the implications of respecting intellectual property.

Raise awareness
Raise awareness

To ensure academic integrity,
Compilatio helps raise awareness among teaching staff and students to respect the work of others and copyright: handouts for guidelines to follow, online informational sessions, visual aids on plagiarism prevention, educational resources, etc.


To foster digital citizenship,
Compilatio provides support in teaching best practices for research, writing, citations and references: ready-to-use educational materials, detailed articles on methodologies and advice, online or remote training, etc.


To bolster the authenticity of written work,
Compilatio can be used to assess students' compliance and acquisition of knowledge by detecting plagiarism and similarities: anti-plagiarism software that checks online content and highlights duplicated text and plagiarised sources.

Plagiarism prevention and road safety

Plagiarism prevention and road safety: similar mechanisms

To follow best practices on the road and in education, prevention is an effective tool. Compilatio has applied the mechanics of road safety to the prevention of plagiarism. These two strategies of prevention have objectives and tools in common:

  • Inform about the regulatory framework through appropriate awareness-raising materials
  • Provide guided practice with learning and training
  • Evaluate adherence to proper behaviour with preventive measurement tools
  • Discipline cheaters and enforce punishments

The goal line: responsible behaviour!

Take responsibility upstream

Michelle Bergadaà

« It will never be sufficient simply to punish students who plagiarise: we should teach them to take responsibility upstream and create, across educational institutions, specific modules for informing, educating and helping those who might be tempted to cheat. »

Challenges of active plagiarism prevention in secondary and higher education

Challenges of active plagiarism prevention in secondary and higher education

The purpose of teaching is to inculcate new skills, help students find solutions to problems, learn to think for themselves and develop a critical mind. The promotion of integrity and honesty is essential for shaping future responsible citizens.
Students must learn to reformulate ideas, paraphrase, and cite sources. They must adopt proper behaviour to avoid plagiarism, respect the work of others and enrich academic and scientific research.

definition of plagiarism

Desire to explain the definition of plagiarism and its different forms

Plagiarism is not always intentional. Indeed, how can you avoid it if you don’t know how to identify it? Compilatio strives to raise students’ and teachers’ awareness about what plagiarism is, its various forms and ways to respect copyright.

To put it simply, plagiarism is taking credit for someone else’s ideas, sentences, sayings, or concepts without the consent of the original author, without mentioning the author, without putting text in quotation marks, without indicating the source, etc.: that is plagiarism.

Regulated by the Intellectual Property Code, plagiarism is “illegal”: it is an act of cheating and falsification, an offense which calls for heavy penalties.

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Prevent, avoid and detect plagiarism

Compilatio promotes academic integrity and authenticity.
With a comprehensive preventive anti-plagiarism approach, Compilatio helps each stakeholder in the world of education to raise awareness, guide and evaluate respect for copyright. Compilatio implements appropriate educational tools to inform about the regulatory framework, to provide guided practice and training, to assess compliance, to promote best practices and to discipline cheating.