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for professional editors
and writers

Compilatio Copyright, for writing with integrity

Dissemination and publication support tools

As a professional editor or writer, verify the authenticity of your writing before publication and assert your copyright after publication.

Compilatio's Copyright helps prevent plagiarism to reap the rewards of your work.

When writing content, demonstrate your integrity to your colleagues, enhance your credibility and reliability with your readers, and maintain your reputation.

This program is dedicated to publishing and writing professionals. Discover our solutions for teachers and for students.


copyright anti-plagiarism software
Claim your copyright and be a guarantor of intellectual property
check plagiarism copyright
Measure the dissemination of published texts to uncover their scope and how they are being used
software Compilatio copyright intellectual property
Ensure the authenticity and quality of your editorial productions
antiplagiarism Compilatio Copyright

Demonstrate your integrity to your colleagues and readers


Researcher, blogger, web editor of marketing content, journalist, writer, editor for a publishing house, newspaper, magazine, webpages, etc. Respect for intellectual property is part of the ethics of your profession. Your integrity is a testament to the quality of your writing to your colleagues and readers.

Compilatio's Copyright, software that protects intellectual property


Compilatio supports professional editors and writers in asserting copyrights associated with their unique textual content. Thanks to the analysis report, the user can quickly understand the rate of similarities between their document and online sources.

Individual or institutional use

Compilatio Copyright similarity-detection software

Compilatio Copyright similarity-detection software

  • Individual or institutional use
  • Reliable plagiarism detection, clear analysis reports
  • Comparison with thousands of documents
copyright plagiarism software

Guidance (institutional use)

  • Dedicated representative who tracks your project
  • Jump-start assistance to launch the project
  • Regular phone check-ins

And if it were you?


« I make it a point of honour to check my work before submitting it to my publishing house to avoid being accused of plagiarism accidentally. Beyond professionalism, this concerns my reputation and that of my publishing house. »

Like Marc, with Compilatio you'll get:
- Powerful and easy-to-use anti-plagiarism software
- A tool to identify unique content and duplicated content
- A quick solution to validate plagiarism-free writing


« My cooking recipes were passed on to me by my grandmother. I gladly share them with my readers, but I don't want someone posting them without mentioning my name. »

Like Françoise, with Compilatio you'll get:
- A way to protect your creations
- Copyright acknowledgement
- A simple-to-use detection tool


« I read a lot to be inspired by my peers. When I write a book, I no longer know if the idea came from me or from one of my colleagues. I feel reassured that I can authenticate my texts before they are published and avoid plagiarism. »

Like Stéphanie, with Compilatio you'll get:
- A tool to verify that your writing contains no plagiarism
- A comparison of duplicated passages for a detailed analysis
- The list of sources used to easily mention them in the bibliography

Compilatio's Copyright plagiarism detector

Copyright detection software, a powerful and reliable tool


  • Upload documents to be analysed
    Uploading documents to be analysed in your personal space.
  • Run analyses of textual similarities
    Comparison with the worldwide web and your own database.
  • Interpret the results
    Full report with percentage of similarities found, list of sources and side-by-side comparison of texts.
Protect your copyright

Webinar on your rights and obligations in matters of intellectual property


Deepen your knowledge of copyright

Definition of a protected work and penalties for intellectual property infringement


Protect your content from plagiarism

Use of their creations in accordance with the law and verification of written content

Compilatio's Copyright packages

Single use
1-Month Package

Within the limit of 240 pages
One page of analysis = 250 words

3-Months Package

Within the limit of 720 pages
One page of analysis = 250 words

Usage institutionnel
Custom Package

- Package for more than 3 months
- Multiple users
- Use API/Webservices
- Commercial follow-up
- Project lead/administrator access
- Phone support for the project lead

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Check financing applications

« Analyse companies' financing applications for R&D projects to verify the authenticity of their arguments. »

Verify Marketing Content

« Verify editorial content to ensure originality before delivering it to major brands: SEO articles, social content, blog posts, mailings, etc. »

Analyse Scientific Research

« Analyse researchers' work and scientific articles before publication to ensure respect for intellectual property. »

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Compilatio's Copyright programme

Tool for respecting copyright and preventing plagiarism

Compilatio promotes intellectual integrity among professional editors and writers. As an online editor, researcher, blogger, publisher, journalist, writer, or word enthusiast, Compilatio's Copyright makes it easy for you to see instances of copying/pasting and duplicated content versus unique content to respect intellectual property. With its plagiarism-detection software, the Copyright version of Compilatio safeguards the originality of your texts and measures the range of your publications' distribution, while enhancing your editorial skills. Compilatio allows you to avoid plagiarism and promotes the respect of copyright and protection of editorial productions.