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A major global actor in EdTech

Expert in the prevention and detection of plagiarism and AI content

Since 2005, Compilatio has been providing educational tools to prevent cheating, ensure integrity and create learning opportunities. 

Our aim is to value authenticity and promote respect for academic integrity and copyright.

Compilatio team

Our missions: to design, support and stimulate


  1. Designing innovative, high-performance solutions to ensure respect for intellectual property and the authenticity of content
  2. Support our customers in their anti-plagiarism projects through regular monitoring, awareness-raising and training tools
  3. Stimulate all actors with a caring work environment that encourages the development of skills, creativity and research.

Compilatio present worldwide

Compilatio international anti-plagiarism software
Compilatio in 38 countries

from all over the world.

number of users compilatio
+520,000 users

of our solutions.

compilatio raises awareness among students
4 million students reached

in partner institutions.

compilatio values

Our values: respect, authenticity, innovation and responsibility

  • Respect for intellectual property
    Protecting copyright and scientific research
  • Authenticity and integrity
    Promoting personal reflection, creativity and the production of original content
  • Innovation
    Investing in research and development to offer innovative services
  • Responsibility 
    Promoting respect for best practices for exemplary professional and civic behavior

Our guidelines for designing our solutions

autonomy and ease of management

Intuitive interfaces designed with users in mind. Simplified organisation of their personal space.


Presentation of objective indicators highlighting suspicious passages in a text. Indicators to be supplemented by human analysis.

Compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation, servers in France.

Security and data protection

Confidentiality of documents analyzed, never distributed or sold.

quality certification compilatio

Quality at the heart of our actions

Continuous improvement is at the heart of Compilatio's approach, with the aim of maintaining a high level of satisfaction. By obtaining various certifications, Compilatio is officially committed to an optimization process aimed at offering services that fully meet the expectations of its customers and partners.

  • ISO 9001 certification obtained in 2023: international standard attesting to the implementation of an effective quality management system within our organization. Certification issued by LRQA, an expert in compliance.
  • AGID certification obtained in 2021: accreditation issued by Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale. AGID certifies compliance with IT security standards, the quality of digital services and various aspects of information and communication technology.

Our customers confirm their satisfaction!

Compilatio user reviews
94% of users satisfied

with the technical support provided by Compilatio.

compilatio software review
95% of schools re-subscribe

to Compilatio Magister every year.

satisfaction compilatio
92% of users satisfied

with Compilatio's regular monitoring.

Thank you for your confidence
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Partnership with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

Thanks to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region for its financial support.

social impact Compilatio

Social impact: building a better world together!

At Compilatio, we support the development of associations that share our values. Our priority is to support local initiatives aimed at improving living conditions, promoting education and protecting the environment.

In recent years, we have supported:

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