Compilatio Magister: educate your students with a similarity detector and anti-plagiarism resources

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Academic Plagiarism Checker and teaching resources


As a teacher, documentalist, librarian or other education professional, Compilatio Magister will save you time when marking and will help you make your students more aware of good writing and citation practices.

This program is dedicated to teaching professionals. If you're a student, discover Compilatio Studium: the anti-plagiarism software for students.

Compilatio Magister - antiplagiarism software for universities
Relieved to save time in correcting work
Compilatio Magister - antiplagiarism software for proofreading and originality
Serein to objectively check the quality of homework
Compilatio Magister - plagiarism detector for teachers
Confident in using a high-performance tool
Compilatio Magister - Plagiarism Checker for teachers
Reassured to have resources to approach plagiarism

Compilatio Magister: similarity score checker and anti-plagiarism resources

How to prevent and detect plagiarism?

Compilatio Magister supports you in your educational project to combat plagiarism.

With its Magister Programme, Compilatio helps prevent plagiarism by providing educational resources: online similarity-detection software, awareness-raising materials, training tools, personalised coaching, etc.

In addition to similarity detection, detect AI-generated content with the Compilatio Magister+ programme.

Magister - Plagiarism software used by universities

Anti-plagiarism software

  • Percentage of similarities and possible adjustment
  • List, provenance and location of sources
  • Collection of assignments from your account
  • Analysis report
Magister - plagiarism detector for professors

Educational resources

  • Tutorials for using the software
  • Documentary resources on plagiarism, citation standards, copyright...
  • Regulatory document templates
  • Communication materials
plagiarism detector for universities and institutions

Institutional guidance

  • Dedicated representative who tracks your project
  • Implementation training for the programme
  • Recurring webinars
  • Technical support and guides
antiplagiarism services: copy and paste detector for teachers

Additional services

  • Training for teachers and students
  • Surveys to assess of your project
  • Customised website dedicated to plagiarism
  • Integration into your LMS
Magister - plagiarism checking software Compilatio

Rely on the efficiency of Compilatio Magister: plagiarism detection software


Performance and reliability of similarity analyses


  • Comparison of your documents with a large number of sources: worldwide web, scientific publications and documents from Compilatio Magister users all over the world.
  • Analysis of all document formats: Google Drive, Word, Excel, Acrobat... 
  • Interface and analyses in several languages.
what program do teachers use to check for plagiarism

Rely on the precise results of Compilatio Magister: plagiarism checker for teachers


A complete and objective analysis


  • Percentage of similarities: you can refine the similarity score, ignoring passages in inverted commas or correctly cited sources.
  • Location of similarities: indication of each source in the text and its proportion.
  • Origin of sources: origin of sources indicated (worldwide web, documents already analysed, homework from a teacher at your school or a partner school, etc.), comparison of the text with the source face-to-face.
  • Percentage and location of "unrecognised language" passages: an attempt to manipulate the text so that it cannot be seen by the naked eye or detected the Compilatio algorithm.
  • Analysis report: summary of the results for presentation to the student or a panel of judges.
Is Compilatio Magister an effective plagiarism checker?

Use a plagiarism checker to facilitate your daily work as a teacher


Easy to deploy and use

  • Online, without installation (SaaS service).
  • Educational platform integration: Moodle, Canvas, Brightspace, BlackBoard, BlackBoard Learn, BlackBoard Learn Ultra, Brightspace, Microsoft Teams...
  • Open and customisable Compilatio API.
  • Connect using your usual login details thanks to single sign-on (SSO).
  • User guides and tutorials.
  • Webinars for discovery and support.


Autonomy and freedom to manage your data


  • Control of indexing to your reference library (comparison material for your analyses).

  • Choice to collect digital assignments: manual upload or student deposit.
  • Personal organisation of your space and your actions: creation of folders, setting of similarity thresholds, planning of your analyses, etc.
  • Compliance with the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data.
  • Confidentiality of documents analysed, never distributed or sold.
AI Content Checker from Compilatio: the best AI Detector

In addition to monolingual plagiarism, detect cross-lingual plagiarism and AI-generated content


Compilatio Magister+, for more accurate and high-performance analyses


What exactly is Compilatio Magister+? 
All the services included in the Magister Programme (plagiarism detection, altered text detection, educational resources, institutional guidance) plus 3 additional features

  • AI Content Checker to detect AI-generated content (such as ChatGPT or Bard),
  • detector of translated similarities (cross-lingual similarities) or reformulated texts,
  • priority treatment of your analyses.

5 steps to comprehensive and pedagogical results

Collection of documents to be evaluated
Submission of work by students in the Compilatio Magister interface or by you.
Launch of similarity analyses
Comparison with the World Wide Web and Compilatio Magister community documents.
Visual comparison of sources
Side-by-side view of the analysed document and the detected sources.
Interpretation of the similarity score
Ability to ignore correctly cited sources in the analysis score.
Printing the Compilatio Magister analysis report
Full or summary results, in pdf format.
teacher anti-plagiarism programme: plagiarism detector and educational resources

Share ready-to-use educational resources with your students


Save time by relying on ready-to-use resources developed by academic integrity experts.

  • Specialised and varied resources on copyright awareness.

  • Unlimited access for all teaching teams, directly from each Compilatio Magister user account.

  • Free dissemination or inspiration of resources for courses on academic research.

Sponsorship Compilatio Magister

Sponsor another educational establishment to promote authenticity

Inspire your colleagues at other institutions and help them choose a comprehensive anti-plagiarism tool that suits their needs, by choosing Compilatio.

  • As a sponsor, you win a Compilatio training course, one of several available for teaching staff and/or students.
  • Your godchild will also receive a free training course of your choice.

Consolidate your plagiarism prevention with services tailored to your needs

Training for anti-plagiarism project managers to define actions to prevent plagiarism

Your website dedicated to plagiarism, to centralise your resources and information

Questionnaires to survey teachers and students to assess and reinforce your anti-plagiarism project.

Compilatio integration with LMS platforms (Moodle, Canvas, BlackBoard, BlackBoard Learn, BlackBoard Learn Ultra, Brightspace, Microsoft Teams, etc.) to strengthen plagiarism prevention and detection.

Modules for teachers and students to raise awareness about copyright.

best plagiarism checker and ai content detector

What is the best plagiarism detector for your institution?

Make your own comparison tailored to your institution

Discover the full list of criteria for choosing the right anti-plagiarism solution for your business.

Satisfaction with Compilatio Magister
95% of schools re-subscribe every year

Teaching methodology

« We use Compilatio's Magister software to prevent plagiarism among nursing students and to validate work submitted by students. The first year, we mainly used it for introductory-level research assignments. Then, little by little, we integrated it into our teaching methodology and used it for all written work submitted by students that required research […] »

Awareness-raising approach

« We use Compilatio not in a punitive way but in a process of raising awareness, in preparation for higher education. [...] We ask students to create a composite document, with an assortment of copied-and-pasted text, so they can see the percentage of similarities found by Compilatio plagiarism-detection tools. Then comes the work of learning, when students must adapt the copied texts... They must understand that they can use external sources, but they must absolutely cite them. […] »

Quality service

« The Schools-Media Department explored the market to choose a software solution for detecting similarities to supplement our system. This was the beginning of our constructive collaboration with Compilatio. […] the vast majority of our users are very satisfied, and very few want additional training. As for the project lead, the service is of high quality and matches our schools' expectations […] »

Educational aspect

« I greatly appreciated your emphasis on the educational aspect, in terms of sharing information, raising awareness and training, during the training session. It can be easy to punish students, but they will still need to develop the necessary knowledge and skills! »

How to avoid plagiarism

« Keep up the good work! Considering that the schools/institutions do little in teaching students of all ages about how to avoid plagiarism, and about good writing techniques, your work is very important! »

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