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Our know-how and technical expertise

Plagiarism checker: effective teaching tools as an alternative to Scribbr, Turnitin, Copyleaks or Grammarly
ai check
plagiarism checker as an alternative to Scribbr, Turnitin, Copyleaks or Grammarly
  • chatgpt detector

    Similarities detection

    Detect monolingual, translingual and reformulation similarities with Compilatio plagiarism checker: comparison with millions of digital documents and intuitive analysis reports.

  • check for ai

    AI content detection

    Detect content generated by artificial intelligence with Compilatio Magister+ software: percentage of text generated by AI and location of suspect passages in the document.

  • ai detector and plagiarism detector Compilatio

    Detection of altered texts

    Detect attempts to alter text so that it cannot be seen by the naked eye: unrecognised languages, blank characters, character substitution, etc.

Our guidelines for developing our software

Compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation, servers in France...

Data protection

Confidentiality of documents analysed, never diffused or sold.


Presentation of objective indicators highlighting suspicious passages in a text. Indicators to be supplemented by human analysis.

Autonomy and ease of management

Intuitive interfaces designed with users in mind. Simplified organisation of their personal space.

ai plagiarism checker

Compilatio is the only actor to offer real support

Compilatio is the right ally to guide you :
- as an institution, to build and consolidate your anti-plagiarism project
- as an individual user, to help you get the right start with the detection software and resources available.