Are you a teacher committed to academic integrity?

Prevent plagiarism with Compilatio teaching tools

AI-generated text and similarity detectors and support for your anti-plagiarism policy.

anti plagiarism software

Choose the right anti-plagiarism program for your school

As a teacher, librarian, documentalist or other educational professional, you can use plagiarism detection tools
Develop a culture of integrity and authenticity among your students.

Compilatio Magister and Compilatio Magister+ allow you to : 

  • check your students' compliance with writing and citation guidelines,
  • access tools for raising awareness and training in respect for intellectual property,
  • easily assess the quality, originality and research effort of your students' work.


And for your policy, Compilatio Magister or Compilatio Magister+?

Compilatio Magister
Compilatio's reference similarity detector

Used in over 40 countries, Magister helps teachers to prevent and detect plagiarism in student work.

  • Textual similarity detector
  • Teaching resources to help prevent plagiarism
  • Ongoing support: follow-up meetings three times a year
  • Technical support via ticket 24/7
  • Percentage, location and origin of similarities
  • Face-to-face view of similarities
Compilatio Magister+
Compilatio's dual similarity and AI detectors

Compilatio is extending its range to help teachers detect new forms of cheating linked to text-generating AI.

  • All the features and benefits of the Magister program, plus :
  • Detection of texts generated by an AI such as ChatGPT
  • Detects translated similarities (multilingual similarities) with sources added by the user
  • Priority handling of your analyses
plagiarism detector
Promoting integrity

ensuring that work is the fruit of personal effort.

Avoid the temptation to cheat

by deterring through control measures.

Refine teaching quality

by enabling teachers to understand students' difficulties.

anti-plagiarism software
Treat with fairness

by making corrections using objective indicators.

ai detector

Don't miss out on plagiarized work

Ensure the credibility of your diplomas

When you check digital work for plagiarism and AI-generated texts, you're helping to ensure the quality of your teaching and the reputation of your institution. Compilatio Magister and Compilatio Magister+ provide you with objective elements for measuring plagiarism.

Seize the opportunity to instill authenticity

Teaching the issue of plagiarism in your courses allows you to involve your students in a process of authenticity. This helps to reinforce their personal reflections and critical thinking skills. To help you, Compilatio provides teaching resources ready to be shared.

Strengthen your plagiarism prevention with Compilatio complementary services

Copyright awareness modules for teachers and students

Compilatio integration with Moodle, Canvas, BlackBoard, BlackBoard Learn, BlackBoard Learn Ultra, Brightspace, Microsoft Teams, etc. to bolster the prevention and detection of plagiarism

Your dedicated plagiarism website, to centralize your resources and information

Field surveys of teachers and students to evaluate and consolidate your anti-plagiarism policy.

plagiarism checker

Why Compilatio Magister or Magister+ over other anti-plagiarism software?


  • Comprehensive anti-plagiarism programs that can be customized to your needs.
  • Integration with teaching platforms: Moodle, Canvas, BlackBoard, BlackBoard Learn, BlackBoard Learn Ultra, Brightspace, Microsoft Teams...
  • Single sign-on (SSO) with your usual login and password.
  • Course content ready for sharing.
  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Confidentiality of documents analyzed, never distributed or sold.
  • Ease of management: administrator profile, teacher autonomy in their personal space...
  • Open, customizable Compilatio API.
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ESTA Belfort
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Università degli Studi di Padova
Universidad Iberoamericana León
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