Questionnaires to reinforce your plagiarism prevention

Effectiveness of your anti-plagiarism project

with Compilatio turnkey questionnaires

With specific questionnaires, Compilatio brings an outside perspective to highlight your anti-plagiarism policy's strengths and areas for improvement. The goal is to ascertain knowledge levels, opinions and problem areas for teaching staff and/or students with regard to plagiarism. You get concrete indicators and results and personalised recommendations to initiate, reinforce or optimise your anti-plagiarism policy with Compilatio.

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Turnkey specialised questionnaires, to save time in your plagiarism prevention


Compilatio offers ready-to-use questionnaires to quickly give teachers and students a say in raising their plagiarism-related concerns. By sharing their knowledge, the stakeholders feel involved and will comply with the institution's initiative.

The questionnaires designed by Compilatio save you time and help you adapt your anti-plagiarism approach. Compilatio crafts personalised recommendations for your academic integrity project.

Questionnaires to engage teachers and students throughout your anti-plagiarism project.

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Choice of relevant questionnaires

Compilatio provides personalised advice regarding relevant questionnaires to implement, according to the needs of your anti-plagiarism project.

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Rapid implementation

Compilatio processes, analyses and formats the data collected to create a clear and comprehensive understanding of your issues.

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Personalised recommendations

Compilatio submits an overall report of survey results including recommendations and an action plan to adjust your project.

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Results processed and analysed

Compilatio processes, analyses and formats the data collected to create a clear and comprehensive understanding of your issues.

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Compilatio processes the data provided in this form for the purpose of "Tracking your interests about plagiarism prevention". Learn more about your data management and your rights.

Compilatio Questionnaires

Obtain feedback from stakeholders involved in combating plagiarism

Compilatio encourages educational institutions to easily and quickly survey teachers' and students' knowledge, opinions and feelings about the anti-plagiarism policy. Compilatio turnkey questionnaires provide concrete indicators for adjusting and refining the effectiveness of actions focused on respecting intellectual property and copyright.