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Compilatio Studium, for plagiarism-free work

Tools for writing and citations

As a student or doctoral candidate, avoid being penalised for copying and pasting. Compilatio Studium allows you to analyse your digital work before submission. You can ensure that your essays, theses, reports, dissertation, etc. do not contain poorly cited sources and learn best practices for writing and citations.

plagiarism punishment
Avoid punishment

Improve your writing skills and therefore your grades, while avoiding penalties for cheating and plagiarism.

avoid plagiarism
Proven quality

Improve your written work with detailed references for your sources in your bibliography.

compilatio studium plagiarism prevention software
Respect copyright

Verify you have no uncited duplicate content and demonstrate your integrity before the final submission of your homework.

avoid plagiarism software students

Don't accidentally be accused of plagiarism

In an internship report, dissertation, thesis or other research-based work, the bibliography will affect your final mark on the assignment. It attests to the quality of your submission, as well as respect for copyright and intellectual property. Compilatio Studium allows you to quickly detect the sources used while crafting your academic assignment. You can verify that you have cited sources for any content taken from elsewhere using best practices for referencing and citations.

Compilatio's Studium, more than just software for detecting similarities

Compilatio's Studium offers resources to maximise your chances for success in your studies, whether in high school or university: a powerful anti-plagiarism detection tool and a nifty toolbox.

The Studium version of Compilatio provides ways to check for duplicate content in order to avoid copyright infringement, while validating the quality of your work (essays, theses, reports, dissertation, etc.) and compliance with best academic practices.


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student plagiarism detection

Detection software

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable analyses
  • Customised packages
  • Tool known and validated by your teachers
  • Rich databases
antiplagiarism tools


  • Methodological guidelines
  • Guidelines for writing and citations
  • Advice to distinguish yourself
  • Tips to organise your student life
  • Quiz and infographics to learn

And if it were you?


« I'm in my final year, which is a crucial year for me: diploma, license, heading to higher education. »

Like Clara, with Compilatio, you'll get
- Better grades
- Tools for writing and citations
- Guidance in your studies
- An overview of university requirements


« In my master's, people frequently request digital writing, whether individually or in groups. »

Like Kevin, with Compilatio you'll get:
- Earn your diploma
- Less stress related to academic assignments
- Training in citation standards
- Fun resources for your studies


« I'm the mother of a high schooler and undergraduate student. I support them in their academic studies. »

Like Amandine, with Compilatio you'll get:
- Your children's academic success
- The assurance of having all necessary resources
- Instil the value of honesty
- Improve the marks on their assignments

Compilatio's Studium antiplagiarism software

Compilatio's Studium software: a detailed analysis report

  • The percentage of duplicate text
    to quickly know whether the document should be scrutinised (similarity rate)
  • The complete list of sources used
    to adjust the bibliography (links to detected websites)
  • An indication of locations of the sources found 
    to quickly identify areas of improvement for your quotations
    Note: a note pointing to the relevant parts is displayed; the details of similarities found are not visible as highlighted text in the analysis report.
  • The analysis report
    to be included at the end of the digital assignment to demonstrate the quality of work

Easy-to-use plagiarism-detection software

I create my account
and upload my document
I choose my package
based on the number of words to analyse
I run the detection software
and analyse the similarity results
I correct my work
using the sources found for guidance
I submit my writing without worry
and indicate that I have checked my assignment with Compilatio Studium
online plagiarism software Compilatio Studium

Compilatio Studium Toolbox: student tips just a click away

  • Free access upon registering with Compilatio Studium
  • Document resources about plagiarism
  • Citation methodologies to avoid plagiarism
  • Various formats: quizzes, articles, infographics, apps, etc.
  • Compilatio regularly adds resources
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Compilatio's Studium packages

Compilatio Studium XS
20 crédits
5.000 words

Ideal for checking a research paper, presentation, essay, homework assignment, report, composition, etc. before final submission


1 credit = 250 words
Credits usable for 12 months

Compilatio Studium S
100 crédits
25.000 words

Ideal for analysing each section of a dissertation, internship report, thesis, etc. and to refine the bibliography before final submission


1 credit = 250 words
Credits usable for 12 months

Compilatio Studium M
200 credits
50.000 words

Ideal for checking, correcting,
re-checking and creating the bibliography for a dissertation, research paper, final thesis, etc. throughout the writing process


1 credit = 250 words
Credits usable for 12 months

Compilatio Studium L
500 Credits
125,000 words

Ideal for analysing the year's assignments and making progress


1 credit = 250 words
Credits usable for 12 months

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Our advice for writing and citations

When writing a research paper, such as an internship report or thesis, you'll likely use information available on the internet. For this, your sources must be indicated in the body of the text, in a footnote and in your bibliography. There are several ways to cite authors.
Do you know them?

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Avoid plagiarism and punishment with Compilatio's Studium

Compilatio helps students and doctoral candidates incorporate best practices for research, citations and references in order to submit original digital work without plagiarism. Using Compilatio's Studium plagiarism-detection software allows you to detect sources that were borrowed from and may have been plagiarised. A valuable writing aid,  the Studium version of Compilatio encourages students to evaluate and uphold the originality of the documents they submit. Students thus also avoid copyright infringement and punishment related to plagiarism.