Compilatio Magister+: detect AI content and similarities in your students' work

Make your daily teaching life easier

A software that detects both similarities and AI-generated content

As a teacher, librarian, documentalist... dissuade your students from cheating with the Compilatio Magister+ program:  

  • anti-plagiarism teaching resources, 
  • institutional support, 
  • responsive technical support,
  • and above all, a complete software package that combines similarity detector and AI Content Detector.


This program is dedicated to teaching professionals. If you're a student, discover Compilatio Studium: the anti-plagiarism software for students.

Antiplagiarism Sofware Compilatio Magister+

Compilatio Magister+

Comprehensive program to prevent and detect several forms of academic dishonesty and cheating

Compilatio Magister+ includes all Magister Program services plus three additional features for complete detection:

  • AI-generated text Detector
  • Multilingual similarity Detector: face-to-face view between
    the original text and the source in the original language
  • Priority handling of your analyses


Focus on the benefits of Magister+

Magister ai detector for originality
Identify students who are adept at text-generating AIs

In addition to the similarity detector, Magister+ includes an AI Checker, in order to detect texts generated artificially by bots such as ChatGPT, Gemini, YouChat, etc.

multilingual plagiarism detection by compilatio magister
Detect multilingual plagiarists


Magister+ detects potentially plagiarized content after it has been translated. This feature is particularly well suited to international programmes and courses.

plagiarism and ai content analysis: ai check and plagiarism detector
Get the results of your plagiarism analyses faster

Magister+ puts your analyses first. In this way, Magister+ gives you peace of mind and reactivity during your correction process.

Compilatio Magister+ plagiarism and ai content detection report

What information does Magister+ provide in its analysis report?

A combined detection report 

Your document is analyzed simultaneously for text alterations, similarities and AI-generated text. You get a comprehensive detection report to assess content originality:

  • a general percentage of suspect texts
  • details of suspect texts with : 
    • a similarity score
    • a score for unrecognized languages 
    • a score for content potentially written by AI
  • origin of detected sources: AI-generated content, web sources, your own documents already analyzed, documents from a user at your own or a partner institution,
  • visualization of passages directly in the document.
Compilatio Magister VS Compilatio Magister+ comparison

Why Compilatio Magister+ rather than Compilatio Magister?

ai plagiarism checker for teachers

How to upgrade from Magister to Magister+?


Step up a gear with Magister+

Does your institution already have the Compilatio Magister program?
Upgrade your subscription to the enriched Compilatio Magister+ version

  • There are several ways of adapting your subscription.
  • The upgrade will be completely transparent to users. Magister documents and reports will still be accessible (without AI detection). New reports will have the full Magister+ functionalities.
  • Usage statistics are kept in the Compilatio referrer's account to ensure continuity of monitoring.

Compilatio AI Detector:
the tool you need to guarantee authenticity


A high-performance AI detector for efficient detection of AI-generated content.

Easy to use and understand

An optimized interface for ease of use.


Reliable analysis results in seconds.


An AI checker that is constantly evolving to adapt to new versions of artificial intelligence.


An AI and plagiarism detection tool for processing content in several languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, etc.

Can be integrated

An AI detector that can be integrated into your LMS platform or your customised platform via the Complatio API.

ai content checker for copyright infringement

Behind the scenes of the Compilatio AI Detector


Rely on the performance of a high-performance multilingual detector

Thanks to training on a corpus of documents generated by both humans and machines, AIs such as ChatGPT become predictable: there is a statistically exploitable difference between a text written by a human and one generated by AI. 

This predictive model, combined with natural language processing (NLP) techniques, enables the Compilatio AI Detector to reliably identify the AI/human distinction in several languages.

Want to find out more about the reliability of the Compilatio AI detector? Click here .

Compilatio Magister+
A guarantee of peace of mind for our customers...

ai detection tool for professors - alternative to turnitin

Relieved that Compilatio offers tools that evolve with cheating practices

reliable plagiarism detector - alternative to turnitin

Confident about having reliable, state-of-the-art tools at their disposal.

Proofreading and correction assistance - alternative to turnitin

Satisfied to centralize and simplify the correction of assignments.

ai checker essay; plagiarism and ai content detection

Reassured by having a single tool to detect multiple types of cheating.

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