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Are you a publishing or copywriting professional concerned about the originality of your writing?

Compilatio Copyright and Copyright+ allow you to : 

  • Verify the originality of your productions before publication.
  • Assert your professional ethics to your readers.
  • Protect your reputation as a professional.
  • Preserve the integrity of your institution.

Compilatio Copyright and Copyright+: for whom?

Publishing professions

Book publishers, magazine publishers, press publishers, pre-press operators, editorial directors, literary directors, editorial managers, etc.

Copywriting professions

Writers, authors, researchers, journalists, editors, copywriters, webmasters, bloggers, translators, biographers, etc.

Compilatio Copyright or Compilatio Copyright+ ?

Compilatio Copyright
The Compilatio reference similarity detector

Take advantage of similarity detection with extended coverage of +100 billion items of content.

  • Textual similarity detector
  • Percentage, location and origin of similarities
  • Face-to-face view of detected sources
  • 24/7 ticket support
  • API integration ((institutional use)
  • Ongoing support (institutional use)
Compilatio Copyright+
The dual Similarity and AI Content Checker

Choose complete content checking with AI-generated content detection: ChatGPT, Gemini, Jasper, etc.

  • All the features and benefits of the Compilatio Copyright program, plus :
  • AI Content Checker
  • Multilingual similarity detection (translated similarities detection) thanks to user-added sources
  • Priority processing of your analyses

Extensive coverage of hundreds of billions
billions of items of content

online plagiarism check
Compare with billions of web pages

visible web and indexed pages in Compilatio's internal database

duplicate content checker
Compare with +300 million contents

private scientific publications, private scientific publications, research center deposits, researchers' articles, etc.

plagiarism checker online
+170% of new content indexed annually

in Compilatio's internal database.
Comparison between early 2023 and early 2024.

detect plagiarism

Effectively spot plagiarized content

Ensure the credibility of your work and protect your reputation

Whether in research papers, press publications, scientific publications or on your website.


Instill values of authenticity and integrity

Respect for intellectual property is part of your profession's code of ethics. Your integrity testifies to the quality of your writing in the eyes of your colleagues and readers.

Thank you for trusting Compilatio

Check financing applications

« Analyse companies' financing applications for R&D projects to verify the authenticity of their arguments. »

Verify Marketing Content

« Verify editorial content to ensure originality before delivering it to major brands: SEO articles, social content, blog posts, mailings, etc. »

Analyse Scientific Research

« Analyse researchers' work and scientific articles before publication to ensure respect for intellectual property. »

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Why Compilatio Copyright or Copyright+ rather than another plagiarism checker?



  • Reliable, comprehensive anti-plagiarism software.
  • Several advanced features: similarity detection, AI content detection, deep reformulation detection, altered text detection...
  • A dynamic, diversified and constantly enriched comparison database.
  • Intuitive analysis reports: easy to read, navigate and interpret. 
  • Ease of management: autonomy in document management, administratuer profile for institutional use...
  • Support in getting to grips with the software and using it: tutorials, multilingual help center, online technical support, educational resources... 
  • A dedicated contact to monitor your project throughout its development (institutional use).
  • API integration on various platforms (institutional use).
  • Confidentiality of analyzed documents.

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