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Discover our expertise in detecting artificial content with Compilatio's AI content detector. Our advanced technology allows you to maintain high standards of quality and authenticity in your work.

Check the authenticity of documents with the Compilatio AI Content Detector

Detect all generative AI: ChatGPT (GPT3.5 and GPT4), Gemini (previously Bard), YouChat, etc.

AI Detector to check for AI Content

What is an AI Content Checker?

An AI Content Checker or AI Content Detector is a technology for identifying texts with a writing style similar to an Artificial Intelligence text generator (GenAI).

  • The objective: to detect texts potentially generated by an AI.

Examples of documents to be analysed: dissertation, thesis, internship report, doctoral thesis, website pages, press article, scientific article, etc.

Examples of generative artificial intelligence: ChatGPT, Gemini, Youchat, Jasper, etc.

AI Checker

How does Compilatio's AI content detection work?

Compilatio's AI Content Checker is an artificial intelligence, trained to recognise the writing styles of artificial intelligences.

It is based on a Large Language Model (LLM), capable of capturing and understanding the context, tone and cultural aspects of language to spot subtleties in texts.

The 5 key steps in AI detection

Text breakdown
Identify passages of homogeneous style in the text
Labelling passages
Determine the origin of the text for each passage: human or AI text
Bringing together passages identified by AI to create points of interest
Cleaning up results
Filter out irrelevant passages to reduce false positives
Presentation of results
Display the final result of the analysis in the report
ai detector

Why use an AI detector when you are a teacher, student, or writer?

Texts can be easily generated by generative AI tools (GenAI). However, their use without ethics can impact an individual's academic or professional trajectory. Compilatio's AI detectors analyze texts to determine if they are written by a human or generated by an AI.

Use an artificial content detector to:

  • Ensure the authenticity of a document,
  • Facilitate the verification and evaluation of work,
  • Raise awareness of the importance of citation and originality in content creation.
Compilatio AI text detector and ai writing detector

Is the Compilatio's multilingual AI detector reliable?

The Compilatio AI detector has been trained on a large corpus of data: texts written by humans & texts generated by AI in several languages.

Training results

  • 94% reliability in detecting passages and texts generated by generative AI. This means that out of 20 passages generated by artifical intelligence, 19 are correctly found.

We pay particular attention to minimising false positives to avoid false accusations: a text written by a human must not be recognised as being generated by an AI.

AI Plagiarism Checker

The results of AI Detection by Compilatio

AI detection reports provide access to 2 additional pieces of information:

  • Percentage of texts potentially generated by a GenAI,
  • Location or indication of passages potentially written by a GenAI (depending on the software version used).

Features vary depending on the software used.

Why choose Compilatio for AI content detection?

ChatGPT checker
20 years' experience in natural language processing

With many years of experience in NLP, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Compilatio is a leading expert in AI detection.

ai detection tool: ai text detector spanish, english, french, italien, arabic
Innovative technology

Compilatio relies on its know-how and expertise to offer reliable and scalable tools. The Compilatio AI Checker is continually evolving to adapt to new versions of AI.

AI essay checker
Tailor-made support

Compilatio monitors the implementation of anti-plagiarism strategies in institutions and regularly produces teaching resources for teachers, students and editors.

AI Content Checker: for whom?

We help you check for plagiarism and content generated by artificial Intelligence including ChatGPT (GPT-3.5 and GPT-4), Gemini, Jasper, YouChat, etc.
For teachers
Compilatio Magister +

Promote authenticity with AI detection coupled with similarity detection.

For writers
Compilatio Copyright+

Check the originality of your writing with a comprehensive anti-plagiarism program.

For students
Compilatio Studium

Check for the presence of AI-generated content in your work and adjust your bibliography.

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