Compilatio Copyright+: Similarity and AI Checker for publishing and editorial professionals

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The best Similarity and AI Checker for your publications

Are you a writer, author, journalist, editor, web copywriter, translator, publisher, biographer or blogger?

Compilatio Copyright+ allows you to check for plagiarism and AI content in your publications. 

Publish and distribute authentic content with confidence, thanks to a tool used and recognized by thousands of professionals worldwide. 

This plagiarism checker is dedicated to publishing and editorial professionals. Discover our solutions for teachers and students.

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A comprehensive Plagiarism Checker to detect both AI generated content and similarities

Compilatio Copyright+ is a Plagiarism Checker that detects both similarities and content generated by artificial intelligences: ChatGPT, Gemini, Jasper, etc.

The Copyright+ offer includes all the services of the Copyright program with 3 additional features: 

  • AI Checker: detection of content potentially generated by generative AI (GenAI).
  • Multilingual Plagiarism Checker: detection of translingual similarities with face-to-face views between the original text and the detected source.
  • Priority processing of your analyses, for faster results.
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Institutional use for all your teams

The Compilatio Copyright+ Plagiarism Checker is designed for publishing and editorial professionals wishing to check the originality of their work.

Subscription to the software is institutional.
It is designed for companies and institutions: research centers, publishing houses, press agencies, news media, editorial agencies, etc.

Focus on the benefits of Compilatio Copyright+

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Detect content generated by generative AIs

Compilatio Copyright+ includes an AI Checker to identify content generated by chatbots such as ChatGPT, Gemini, Jasper...

multilingual plagiarism detector
Detect reformulations and multilingual plagiarism

Identify slight reformulations, deep reformulations and texts that have been plagiarized after translation.

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Get your results faster

Get your test results fast, thanks to priority processing.

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What information does Compilatio Copyright+ provide in its analysis report?

The Compilatio Copyright+ analysis report includes several pieces of information for a complete evaluation of your writings: 

  • Rate of suspicious texts in the document.
  • Details of suspicious texts:
    • Percentage of similarities,
    • percentage of AI content,
    • percentage of altered texts.
  • Source of suspicious passages: potentially AI-generated content, web sources, private scientific publications, university repositories, etc.
  • Visualization of suspicious passages directly in the document.

Similarity search includes comprehensive coverage comparing your documents with billions of other contents. Find out more about our databases here.

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Why Compilatio Copyright+ rather than Compilatio Copyright?

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How do I switch from Copyright to Copyright+?

Does your institution already use Compilatio Copyright services?

Upgrade to the advanced Compilatio Copyright+ version.

  • Different ways to adapt your subscription.
  • Access to new Copyright+ reports including AI detection.
  • Continued access to older Copyright documents and reports.

The Compilatio AI Checker: the best tool
for authentic writing


Leistungsstarker KI-Detektor zur effektiven Erkennung von nicht authentischen Inhalten.


AI Checker trained on several languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.


AI detection technology constantly evolving to adapt to new models of generative AI.

reliable, multilingual AI Checker

Count on the efficiency of a high-performance & multilingual AI Checker

The Compilatio AI Checker has been trained on a document corpus consisting of both human-produced texts and other texts generated by different generative AI models.

Thanks to this training and to automatic language processing methods, the Compilatio AI Checker is able to differentiate between human and AI-generated texts, with high reliability and in several languages.

Want to find out more about the reliability of our AI content detection system? Click here.

What if it were you?


« I make it a point of honour to check my work before submitting it to my publishing house to avoid being accused of plagiarism accidentally. Beyond professionalism, this concerns my reputation and that of my publishing house. »


« My cooking recipes were passed on to me by my grandmother. I gladly share them with my readers, but I don't want someone posting them without mentioning my name. »


« I read a lot to be inspired by my peers. When I write a book, I no longer know if the idea came from me or from one of my colleagues. I feel reassured that I can authenticate my texts before they are published and avoid plagiarism. »

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