Detect plagiarism and AI-generated content directly within your LMS

Make it easier to access your plagiarism checker

Integrate Compilatio into your Teams LMS!

Compilatio Magister and Compilatio Magister+ seamlessly integrate with your Teams LMS platform, providing you with:

  • AI-generated content detection,
  • Monolingual and multilingual similarity detection,
  • Text alteration detection.

Save time and make it easier to manage your documents by installing the Compilatio plugin in Teams.

Plagiarism and chatgpt detection in Microsoft Teams

Why integrate plagiarism detection and AI content analysis into your Teams platform?

Microsoft Teams is an LMS (Learning Management System) widely used by educational establishments. By integrating Compilatio into Microsoft Teams, you can :

  • save time by centralising all your activities in the Microsoft Teams platform,
  • facilitate access to Compilatio tools: higher usage compared to projects without LMS integration,
  • launch your Compilatio analyses directly in Teams: possibility to run multiple analyses simultaneously,
  • review the results of your analyses in Microsoft Teams: a summary view of suspicious text percentages,
  • access detailed Compilatio analysis reports: ability to customise and download them.

This service is offered for institutional use to teachers and education professionals. Adaptation is possible for companies.

Detecting plagiarism and ChatGPT in Teams

Compilatio offers the following detection services integrated with Microsoft Teams:


  • AI-generated content detection: Identify texts created by generative AIs like ChatGPT (GPT-3.5 and GPT-4), Gemini (previously Bard), and many others.
  • Monolingual similarity detection: Compare your documents with hundreds of billions of web pages, millions of digital contents including materials from internationally renowned professional publishers, and repositories from academic and research centers.
  • Translingual similarity detection: Identify similarities between texts written in different languages.
  • Paraphrasing detection: Locate passages with equivalent meaning in texts written in the same language.
  • Text alteration detection: Highlight "unrecognized languages," which could be attempts to fool detection software.

Your documents analysed by Compilatio anti-plagiarism software are confidential. They are never sold or distributed.

Plugin Compilatio Microsoft Teams

How to benefit from Compilatio integration in Teams?

To integrate Compilatio's plagiarism checker into your Microsoft Teams LMS platform, contact a Compilatio advisor. Compilatio integration in Teams is available for the following services: Compilatio Magister, Compilatio Magister+, Compilatio Copyright,  Compilatio Copyright+.

Microsoft Teams integration may require additional fees if not initially included in your contract.
Compilatio can also be integrated with Moodle, Canvas, Brightspace (D2L)BlackboardOpen LMS, etc.

LMS platform integration

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We invite you to let us know your needs. It's important for us to know them for potential future developments.

Steps for integrating Compilatio in Microsoft Teams

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Fill in the data sheet for integration in Teams

The form will be sent to you by the Compilatio advisor.

can Teams detect cheating
Follow the Teams plugin installation instructions

Consult the prerequisites for integration. Installation instructions will be sent to you by your Compilatio advisor.

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Inform teachers about plagiarism checker access from Teams

Share information to facilitate access to Compilatio software.

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