The conclusion is the last part of a Bachelor's or Master's internship report. It's just as important as the introduction. It summarizes the key points of your training report, highlighting the results you've achieved and the lessons you've learned from your internship experience. It also concludes your work by summarizing your observations and suggesting ways in which the company can improve.

In this article, you'll find some ideas for information to include in the conclusion of your internship report, as well as some specific examples.

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What should be included in the conclusion of an internship report?


  • Response to the problem

A question was posed in the introduction to this academic internship report. The conclusion is the best place to summarize the answer to this question.

  • Summarizing the key points of your report

First, summarize the main points of your report by briefly presenting the different parts that have been developed. This will enable the reader to recall the elements that have been presented throughout your report.

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  • Highlighting the results 

In the rest of your conclusion, highlight the actions you've taken, the results you've achieved, and the lessons you've learned from the experience.


  • Application proposal

You can conclude your internship report by mentioning your desire to continue working with the company that hosted you, and to return as an employee in the future. This will show the company that you have enjoyed your internship experience and are interested in future collaborations.

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  • Proposed recommendations

To conclude your report, suggest ways in which the company can improve. Identify the company's strengths and weaknesses, and propose solutions to improve its performance.


  • Acknowledgements for members of your company

You can express your gratitude to the company that trained you. Highlight its strengths, successes and the quality of its working environment. Express your gratitude for giving you the opportunity to complete your internship, and for allowing you to develop professionally as an intern. Be careful not to rewrite the thank-you notes you wrote at the beginning of your placement report.

Examples of how to conclude an internship report


  • Conclusion for a sales internship report

I completed my second-year Associate Degree sales internship as a ready-to-wear saleswoman in the [store name] store. During these six months, I had the chance to put into practice the knowledge I had acquired during the school year in the field. This internship enabled me to familiarize myself with the world of luxury goods and work on my approach to customer relations. The experience reinforced my decision to work in the luxury sector in the future.

As my research question asked, and as I was able to observe in the field, the customer experience is essential in the luxury sector. It helps build customer loyalty, which in turn creates a strong relationship with the brand.


  • Conclusion for a communications internship report

I did my bachelor's degree internship as assistant project manager at the agency [agency name]. During these three months, I had the chance to put into practice the knowledge I had acquired during the school year. This internship enabled me to discover the world of communications and business in greater detail. The assignments I was given enabled me to better define the skills I'd like to develop for the rest of my career, such as community management and video content creation.

This experience also opened my eyes to the importance of social networks in the development of a communications strategy. The company I worked for devotes a considerable amount of time to this. However, we need to look at the growing dependence of brands on the Internet giants.

Source : “Examples of internship report conclusions”, Indeed, 09/06/2023.


Other examples of internship report conclusions:


In short, the conclusion is an important part of any training report, as it allows you to summarize the key points, highlight the results obtained and suggest areas for improvement for the company. By following these tips, you'll be able to write an effective and relevant internship report conclusion.

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