Compilatio Copyright: plagiarism checker for publishing and editorial professionals

Ensure copyright protection by detecting plagiarism

Publishing and distribution tool for authentic content

As a publishing and writing professional, you can check the authenticity of your texts before publication, and assert your authors' rights after distribution.

Compilatio Copyright enables you to detect plagiarism in texts, by identifying similarities with other content. 

This program is dedicated to publishing and editorial professionals. Discover our solutions for teachers and students.

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Guarantee the authenticity and originality of your editorial productions
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Measure the distribution of published texts to find out how widely they are used
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Assert your copyright and guarantee intellectual property rights
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Why demonstrate your integrity to your readers and collaborators?

Respect for intellectual property and copyright is an essential pillar of professional ethics for publishing and editorial professionals.

If you're an author, writer, journalist, editor for a publishing house, editor for a newspaper or magazine, web editor, copywriter, blogger, researcher, webmaster, or biographer, you need to produce original content to:

  • demonstrate the quality of your writing,
  • reinforce the credibility of your writing,
  • preserve your reputation as a professional.

Compilatio Copyright: plagiarism checker to protect intellectual property

Compilatio's detection technologies provide the user with a rate of suspicious texts.

For the Compilatio Copyright program, the rate of suspicious texts includes : 

  • Percentage of similarities: proportion of text similar to other content online and in millions of scientific publications.
  • Percentage of altered texts: proportion of texts manipulated by the author to potentially hide plagiarism.

In addition to detecting similarities and altered text, detect AI-generated content with Compilatio Copyright+.

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Anti-plagiarism software

  • Percentage of similarities with adjustment possibility
  • Percentage of potentially altered texts
  • List, provenance and location of sources
  • Easy-to-read and understand analysis report
  • Integration with your platforms via API key (institutional use)
plagiarism check copyright

Support and information material

  • Software tutorial
  • Multilingual help center
  • Online technical support
  • Educational resources on plagiarism, citation standards, copyright, etc.
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Guidance (institutional use)

  • Dedicated contact to monitor your project
  • Start-up assistance for project launch
  • Telephone support
plagiarism detection software Compilatio Copyright

Count on Compilatio Copyright's reliability

Compilatio Copyright's anti-plagiarism analysis is: 

  • In-depth analysis comparing your documents with billions of sources: the Internet, content from internationally renowned professional publishers, scientific publications and papers, researchers' articles...
  • Analysis of multiple document formats: doc, docx, txt, pdf, rtf, xls, ppt, pptx, zip...
  • Multiple languages supported:
    • Major European languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, etc.
    • Other world languages: Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, etc.
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Use objective indicators

To make it easier to assess the originality of your document, include precise, objective indicators in your analysis report

  • Rate of similarity: possible refinement of this percentage, ignoring correctly cited sources or passages in quotation marks.
  • Location of similarities: passages with similarities indicated in the text.
  • Source provenance: list of sources detected, with face-to-face comparison of each passage with the identified source.
  • Percentage and location of altered texts: identification of attempts to manipulate text in order to mislead detection software.

5 steps toward reliable and comprehensive results

Adding documents for analysis
Import files, add URLs or copy and paste text.
Analysis launch
Analysis of similarities and altered texts.
Visual comparison of sources
Face-to-face view of analyzed document and detected sources.
Interpreting the score of suspicious texts
Possibility of refining by ignoring correctly cited sources.
Print anti-plagiarism analysis report
Full or summary results, exportable in pdf format.
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Detect AI content and multilingual plagiarism with Compilatio Copyright+

In addition to monolingual plagiarism, identify texts generated by generative AI, cross-lingual similarities and deep reformulations.

Compilatio Copyright+ is all the services included in the Compilatio Copyright program, with 3 additional features

  • AI Checker (detection of ChatGPT, Gemini, Jasper...)
  • Detector of translingual similarities and deep reformulations
  • Priority handling of your analyses

Compilatio Copyright packages

Single use
1-Month Package

Within the limit of 240 pages
One page of analysis = 250 words

3-Months Package

Within the limit of 720 pages
One page of analysis = 250 words

Institutional use
Custom Package

- Package for more than 3 months
- Multiple users
- Use API/Webservices
- Assistance for your project launch
- Dedicated contact to follow up your project
- Project lead/administrator access
- Phone support for the project lead

Thank you for your confidence in Compilatio

Check financing applications

« Analyse companies' financing applications for R&D projects to verify the authenticity of their arguments. »

Verify Marketing Content

« Verify editorial content to ensure originality before delivering it to major brands: SEO articles, social content, blog posts, mailings, etc. »

Analyse Scientific Research

« Analyse researchers' work and scientific articles before publication to ensure respect for intellectual property. »

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