Compilatio’s head office is located near the Bauges massif. Mountain protection is an important issue for our team in order to preserve the beauty of its landscapes. That’s why we are committed to Mountain Riders.


Compilatio s'engage Since 2001, Mountain Riders has been a joyful group of free, passionate, and committed activists, gathered as an educational association for sustainable development .

From hills to peaks to ski resorts, Mountain Riders is in action for a mountain in transition! From the Pyrenees to the Jura, from the Massif Central to the Alps and up to the slopes of Montmartre, our challenge is to raise awareness without preaching or passing judgement.  

For us at Mountain Riders, the strategy consists of several actions. It is about encouraging children and young people to become drivers of change. It is also about inviting professionals to adopt a responsible approach to safe the planet, supporting stakeholders in the tourism sector and integrating citizens and elected officials into actions. By strengthening the tools of popular education and by concrete actions of transition, Mountain Riders works to boost the relationship between all actors. Our strength is to always on the move, to dare, and to innovate! Through our everyday actions, we strive to embody the change we want to see in the world.


Each year Mountain Riders organizes a national campaign to mobilize practitioners around the issues of waste, water and responsible consumption. This operation meets the following objectives:

 > Encourage action to clean up mountains from human waste when snow melts and thus contribute to the preservation of water quality and local biodiversity

> Raise citizens’ awareness of the need to take better account of the environment in our life choices and educate the population on waste reduction and responsible, ethical sourcing.

> Lead by example and open the door to other collective actions in favour of the environment


Raising awareness of sustainable development among the youngest generation and encouraging them to become agents of change is essential to us in order to build a society for tomorrow.  Throughout the year, Mountain Riders organizes nature outings, roaming journey, fun workshops, and activities adapted to classroom and extracurricular programs.  We discuss them through various themes such as the issue of waste, climate change, ecological footprints, mountain environment, food, and pollution.


Mountain Riders offers modules to train professionals and future professionals in mountain territories in the economic, social, and environmental challenges of the future. We work in various fields such as: Integration (construction site, upgrading), Animation (BPJEPS, BTS), Tourism (BTS, reception agent), Mountain sports and leisure (BE, DE, BP), Specialised technician (skiman, ski lift, rope access, tracker), then High School and University. This awareness is achieved through different themes:

The impact of our consumption on overproduction of: waste, raw materials, energy and water, biodiversity, land use planning, and quality of life;

 The notion of the ecological footprint, at the individual level, of a product, a structure, and a country;

 The causes and consequences of global and mountain-specific climate change; and

 Individual action on a daily basis in their activities.


Our support is positive and collaborative, strengthened by the Eco-Guide of Mountain Resorts and marked by a participative approach that leaves room for exchange. We bring our experience to support the territories in the development of their sustainable development actions and thus in this necessary transformation of mountain tourism through:

The shared diagnosis in “Sustainable Analysis”: Mountain Riders supports the field in the analysis of its actions on 8 sustainable development goals, with an analysis grid specifically designed for mountain resorts.

The Green Snowflake: Backed by a collective where Mountain Riders is a key player, the Green Snowflake was designed to promote mountain resorts that have long been involved in ecological and social transition policy. Mountain Riders supports the area throughout the continuous improvement process. For more information, click here:

 Local economy :mountain riders Supporting and strengthening local economic initiatives that respect people and nature.

Social & Cultural : Promoting local heritage and sustainable development for its visitors and residents alike.

Governance & Destination : Pursuing an active and shared policy to guide and monitor its development towards sustainable development all year round.

Environment and Natural resources : Mobility, recycling, water management, energy management and respect for biodiversity are positive actions taken by the destination.


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