SETT (School Education Transformation & Technology) is a trade fair that gathers teaching and vocational education professionals around the theme of digital technology. This year, the event will take place in Namur, Belgium, on April 25th and 26th. Two days of conferences, debates, workshops, and most importantly conversations on better understanding the challenges and the place of digital tools in learning and educational methods.

Digital technology’s presence in education is growing

The growing presence of digital technology in education requires us to invent new rules to regulate this practice as well as new learning/pedagogical methods to learn how to use them properly.

“For the first time, leading companies in the digital sector will be brought together to present their most innovative educational technologies and share with you new pedagogical approaches integrating the digital dimensions. Discoveries that will allow you to be the actors of digital technology in your school or classroom” Excerpt from the article “SETT, The 1st event entirely dedicated to digital technology in education”

Here are some examples of conferences:

  • Teaching digital thinking, and then what?
  • Cyberbullying and adolescents: what educational actions should be prioritized?
  • Digital strategies for education
  • “Help me, my classes are on Facebook! “: Student practices and teacher solutions
  • What are the digital skills for tomorrow’s teachers?

To find out more: Your “à la carte” programme by level of education

Compilatio participates in SETT

Lucile, the Marketing and Communication Manager, and Thierry, the Customer Advisor, will be at the SETT to meet teachers in order to discuss plagiarism, and how it is changing with new practices on the web. The important thing is to support and educate students to inform them of the correct methods to properly cite sources and respect authors and copyrights.

Lucile and Thierry will focus on turnkey surveys and training for students and pedagogical teams.

For example, here are 3 one-hour distance learning courses for Colleges and High Schools:

> Don’t fall into plagiarism: How to facilitate a workshop with a class of students to raise their awareness against plagiarism from the early stages of their education. It includes: Quizzes, definitions, citation methods, and exchanges on good practices.

I have deepened my knowledge about what the plagiarism phenomenon is and this will help me to no longer commit it. I understood some risks I hadn’t thought of and I’m happy to have improved my knowledge on what the quoting rules are.

Fifth grade student

Online training on 14/01/2019

> Preventing plagiarism in high school, what are we waiting for? Pedagogical Team Module to understand what are the issues of raising awareness against plagiarism in students as early as secondary school. Quizzes, operating methods, evolutions, challenges, and concrete tools.

> All actors against plagiarism: Student and Teacher Module for a better collective understanding of the problems of plagiarism and what issues are present when trying to raise awareness to combat it. Roles and missions of each person, examples of common actions, discovery of interactive resources…


Compilatio invites you to meet Lucile and Thierry at the SETT in Namur on April 25th and 26th.

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Lucile and Thierry will present the turnkey surveys and distance training to raise awareness and support professionals and institutions in plagiarism detection.