Boost your communication with our new posters to prevent plagiarism


Compilatio wanted to renew its communication towards students by creating new plagiarism prevention posters. They look more modern with the cartoon and offbeat aspect. They feature two characters: a “superhero” not always super-inspired with his trainee. Against all odds, it is the trainee who puts in the right way his trainer a little trick. By making a mockery of the “superhero” cheater, students can better identify themselves with the apprentice who follows the rules.






These posters will boost your communication for the prevention of plagiarism!

The message of these posters corresponds to the communication adopted by Compilatio: awareness of plagiarism before sanction of plagiarism. Indeed, for Compilatio, the appropriate approach to raise students awareness is to inform them about plagiarism and respect for copyrights.

For a bigger impact, these posters are personalised with the logo and the name of the partner institution and available to all of them.




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