Guillermo Del Toro is accused of plagiarising

After its release, Shape of Water was a real success amoung public, but also amoung members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Oscar, who nominated him for 13 awards. However, the entourage of Paul Zindel noticed similarities between this film and one of the late artist’s plays.
Let me hear you whisper, the name of Paul Zindel’s play, had a scenario relatively similar to Shape of Water … The question is : accidental or intended plagiarism?

Guillermo Del Toro accused of plagiarism

New York Times et Daily News : a commendable but already-seen message

Following the case around the #metoo, at the end of 2017, victims of sexual abuses were able to express their feeelings and experiences.
It has allowed people to speak openly about it. It was also the case of  the New York Times. The famous American newspaper has broadcast a strong message in its commercial during the Golden Globe : “The truth has power.”
However, just after the broadcast, some people noticed more than a similarity between this commercial and the one of the Daily News of December 31st, 2015.
Can we talk about plagiarism, or simply of a common message with a strong sense?

The New York Times and Daily News