Disney, an apple and a little bit of humor…

Disney’s plagiarism ?

It’s on TMZ website that the case of Disney plagiarism started. Jaime Ciera states that Disney -and some others-, must have plagiarised one of his song in the movie “Frozen”. It’s not the first time that Frozen and more precisely “Let It Go” is linked to plagiarism. Indeed, a lot of people think that one of the song of the Beijing Winter Olympics sounds too much like Let It Go. What do you think..?

Jaime Ciero against frozen

Beijing Winter Olympics and Frozen

Apple against Corephotonics

The Israelian Start-up Corephotonics charged Apple for plagiarism for the concept of dual lens on the iPhone 7 + and iPhone 8 +. The start up said that the man who they negociated with, was being contemptuous regarding the patent of the start-up. We must add that we’ve already seen the Dual Lens on a smartphone since 2011, on the LG Optimus 3D for example.

Apple and Corephotonics : Fights for Dual lens

The well-known French Humorist on YouTube doing plagiarism ?

Rémi Gaillard is famous for funny videos on Youtube. However, it has been mentionned that some of those videos include similarities with another american humorist…
Is it a simple tribute, a deliberate copy or inspiration ?

Remi Gaillard case