“In 2007 the schools and media department (SEM) surveyed the market for similarity detection software to complete its provision, and this was the beginning of our constructive collaboration with Compilatio. […] all the 4,600 pieces of written work submitted by students every year are analysed by Compilatio […] a huge majority of our users are very satisfied, and very few need additional training. According to the manager concerned, the service is of a high quality and meets
the needs of our schools […]”

Patrick Johner, Document Information Advisor
Geneva Public Education Department, Switzerland


“We have been using the Magister solution from Compilatio since the end of 2014 to prevent plagiarism among nursing students and check the work they submit. In the first year, we used it primarily for work introducing students to research, but we have gradually extended it across our teaching for all written work submitted by students that requires them to carry out research. We have also developed rules on assessment that include a specific chapter on plagiarism and we ask our students to sign a charter. […]”

Florence Girard, Director
IFSI-IFAS nursing school, Ussel Hospital, France