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With more than 20000 visitors, 150 exponents, and 100 workshops, the first edition of Didacta in Italia, which took place from 27 to 29 September, is a true success!

We want to thank you for coming to our stand, and to have taken the time to talk with us about the plagiarism sensitization.

Plagiarism prevention in high school

Compilatio wants to highlight the plagiarism prevention for high school when the students have to face their first fully-written work. One goal: to sensitize the teaching team about the plagiarism theme, and then to organize an anti-plagiarism educational approach. Students, who are not always aware of the plagiarism consequences, can understand what can bring this kind of behavior.

Accompaniment by Compilatio

For this reason, more and more high schools are choosing Compilatio, who undertakes to accompany trainers and students towards authentic works without plagiarism.
More than 95% of the French universities are currently using Compilatio to prevent plagiarism and to sensitize their students.