The Compilatio team wishes to participate in the restoration of reefs to preserve the beauty of the seabed through the 1% for the Planet organization. Compilatio is committed to the organization Coral Guardian. Below are the beneficial actions of this association.

Corail GuardianThe Corals

Corals are animals that have existed for millions of years. They live in symbiosis with algae and are home to fish. They are also important to human life because corals absorb the force of waves and therefore reduce coastal erosion.

Why are they in Danger?

Overfishing contributes to coral asphyxiation while extreme practices such as dynamite fishing destroy the seabed. Ships also impact coral reefs when they anchor and discharge wastewater into the ocean. It is important to understand that it is human activity that is responsible for coral destruction.

Actions to Protect Coral Reefs

Coral Guardian’s mission is to preserve coral ecosystems for the benefit of the coastal communities that depend on them. Through restoration and environmental protection actions the association raises awareness among local populations and offers them a model of economic development that is responsible, sustainable, and replicable.

@Coral Guardian / Martin Colognoli

“We are a team of professionals and scientists with complementary skills and a common passion for marine environments. We are all united in the objective of conserving and reducing the impact of human activities on these endangered ecosystems.


In 2019, our projects include creating an autonomous project in Indonesia, developing our model for coral reef restoration in Colombia, and working on a project to raise awareness in France.”

 Compilatio s'engage                                                                    Protection des mers

 Images @Coral Guardian / Martin Colognoli

If you would like to adopt a coral or make a donation to this association, please visit