The future of students is at the heart of Compilatio’s business. Getting involved with the REFEDD demonstrates that it is possible to study and to pay attention to the planet at the same time. The association is pleased to present its actions and values below.

Presentation of the REFEDD

The REFEDD is the French Network of Students for Sustainable Development. It is a student association network that carries out sustainable development projects in the areas of food, biodiversity, climate, waste, and others.

 The objectives are to have 100% of students aware and committed to sustainable development, and to make campuses 100% of sustainable!

The missions

  • Bring people together: Associations work together on one or more sustainable development This includes organizing local and national meetings to share knowledge and experiences.
  • Training: Provide key knowledge and skills to enable individual and collective engagement. This includes producing support guides or training sessions.
  • Speaking out: To act as a relay for students in national and international debates. This means linking students with community organizations and public officials on issues of sustainable development and higher education.

REFEDDThe members

The REFEDD brings together 125 associations in 45 cities in France and 84 institutions. Some associations are inter-school, national or international, while others are linked to a particular institution.

All of these associations have various projects with the aim of building more sustainable campuses, and a more sustainable society. Food, biodiversity, social innovation, climate, international solidarity are just some of their projects. The specialities of our member associations are rich and diverse!

Some examples of projects carried out by REFEDD member associations include a zero waste cafeteria in Lyon, a student COP in Marseille, a booklet for an eco-responsible university at the University Paris-Durable, and a zero cigarette butt operations throughout France.

The Student Sustainable Development Week

A project run by the REFEDD for several years, the Student Sustainable Development Week is an opportunity for student associations, higher education institutions, CROUS, and local authorities to organize events on sustainable development for students. It is an opportunity for exchanges between students and stakeholders who are committed to creating more sustainable campuses and communities.

Organized during the first week of April every year throughout France, the SEDD has several objectives:

  • Enhance the activities and student associations commitment;
  • Mobilize students across the country;
  • Raise awareness among students on sustainable development challenges and solutions.

The week also aims to raise awareness on the 2030 Agenda adopted by the United Nations and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDOs) across Europe.

Find more information on the Student Sustainable Development Week Website.

 REFEDD is convinced that the student world is an essential force for building tomorrow!


 THE ISSUES THAT CHALLENGE STUDENTS : Future, Training, Energy, Waste products, Consumption, Power supply, Recycling, Sorting, Mobility, Wastefulness

 On the REFEDD website you will find tips on how to limit the ecological impact of digital technology, tips on how to make an event, meetings, and training courses on how to be eco-responsible. See more on our website at