The students of today are the professionals of tomorrow. In their working lives, they will have to demonstrate respect and integrity. It's best if they can develop these qualities during their studies. Compilatio collaborates with many secondary and higher-education institutions to reinforce plagiarism prevention. To increase efficiency, our approach is essentially positive and educational. To explain Compilatio's approach, we will compare it the practices of road safety. You will see that both of these are centred around a common objective: responsible behaviour.



Inform about the set of rules | Awareness-raising materials

How can we expect for rules to be applied if the target audience isn't aware of the rules? It is crucial to inform everyone about expected behaviour and what's at stake. When the set of rules is clearly defined, it is easier for students to choose whether or not to follow the rules. In addition, when the purpose of the endeavour is not well understood, it's more difficult to adhere to it and apply it.

The rules of the road establish awareness-raising actions in schools in order to encourage, from an early age, the formation of good habits. With this same goal in mind, Compilatio offers training and workshops, to provide its expertise to educational institutions starting in secondary school. Via remote session or face-to-face, Compilatio trains students and teachers alike: to understand what copyright is, develop a citation methodology, know the risks and punishments in the event of plagiarism, master the Compilatio Magister tool...

Road-safety advertising campaigns (posters, TV spots, radio spots) serve as a quick reminder. They help remind us of the reason behind the rules and regulations. Compilatio has chosen humour to raise awareness about best practices for citations in a fun way. Plagiarism prevention posters are part of a cartoon universe. They depict a "superhero" who is not always "super inspired", accompanied by his apprentice who is ultimately faster at learning the proper behaviours to follow.

The website also helps with communication. The road-safety website (https://www.securite-routiere.gouv.fr) carries out awareness-raising campaigns, informs about permits and rules of the road, gives reminders about proper behaviour... In the academic world, each institution can dedicate a page to plagiarism information. This channel of communication is effective in highlighting the school's position vis-à-vis plagiarism: definition of plagiarism, citation standards, application of punishments, institutional regulations... Compilatio offers a customised and turnkey website dedicated to plagiarism, Infoplag.



Guided practice | Learning and training

Once you know the rules, you have to learn how to apply them. It's a necessary step; we all go through a learning phase before mastering a skill.

Guided practice allows for smooth training with a trained adult. Learning is often more effective when it is fun. In the Compilatio Magister toolbox, tutorials and quizzes are available for teachers to share with students.

A point-recovery training course offers a second chance to continue driving. Likewise, before submitting an assignment, it is sometimes possible to seek advice from a teacher. Progress points are a nice way to train and engage students. In this way, the assignment can first be run through our software in order to check the written work and then allow the student to adjust their bibliography before the final submission.

The rules of the road and methodological guides represent the rules that should be followed so that everyone can learn and grow while respecting them.


Evaluate adherence to proper behaviour | Preventive measurement tools

Without the speedometer in a car, it would be difficult to adjust behaviour according to what is required. This is why Compilatio allows schools to offer a certain number of Compilatio Studium credits to their students (as part of a school sponsorship). Compilatio's Studium is a software package for detecting similarities and helps students with their writing and citations. It bolsters the authenticity of their written work. Students can check their writings and bibliographies to avoid the stress of plagiarism.

A roadside speed display indicates the speed at which you are driving. It offers a snapshot of your behaviour at an instant T and prompts you to assess whether you're following the law. Compilatio Magister is a great tool for teachers while grading digital writing. Student integrity is assessed at a specific time to ensure that they didn't copy and paste in their assignment.


Reprimand plagiarists | Application of punishments

After all these awareness-raising and guidance efforts, if rules are still not respected, there should be some form of punishment. It should be severe enough to encourage compliance with the law. Excessive speed and theft of ideas are serious crimes.

A speed display warns of danger and non-compliance with the law. In the same way, Compilatio's Magister warns about the rate of similarities in writings and non-compliance with copyright.

Punishment is the last resort for reprimanding infractors. For road safety, there can be fines, loss of points and cancellation of a licence. When cheating on an exam, there can be a warning, penalties and cancellation of a diploma.


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Beyond the punishment, improper driving can lead to an accident. Cheating on an exam can result in having to wait 5 years before you can take another exam. In both cases, misbehaviour can be costly and damage a future. Fortunately, everything is set up for providing information about the rules and regulations, supporting learners and assessing behaviour. Road safety and plagiarism prevention want people to be alert, aware of danger and responsible. Living together requires mutual respect.


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