Samsung VS Apple

Samsung et Apple : une affaire de plagiat qui dure 7 ans

During seven years, the two companies have faced each other a several times about the question of plagiarism. The case has recently ended, and the American justice said that Apple won thanks to those patents :

  • Colored icon on a black screen
  • Rectangular front face with round angle on the smartphone
  • The functionality that allows to double-tap the screen to zoom on a picture

Sentenced to give 538 millions dollars to Apple, the South Korean company refused the first demand of compensation which was beyond 1 Billion dollars.

Samsung against Apple

A First Lady first in plagiarism ?

Melania Trump launched on Monday 7th 2018 a campain to fight against cyber-bullying and to promote the protection of young people on the Internet. This gesture was really welcome and respected, but something happened.
In fact, some medias and people found out that the whitebook about this campain was a total plagiarism of the one published by Obama administration, in 2009.