With the amount of celebrities caught in the most sordid internet scandals, you might think that most people would finally figure out that nothing stays hidden for long in today’s online society.
Nonetheless, let’s take a look at 3 famous cases of plagiarism discovered and exposed by the almighty Internaut.

A famous primatologist plagiarizes wikipedia

Jane Godall a revered primatologist, acclaimed for her meticulous studies on chimps, was marred in a plagiarism controversy around her book, “Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants” at the beginning of 2013. Before the book could even be released, people started noticing that many excerpts of the text were borrowed without attribution. The passages were taken from a variety of web pages such as Wikipedia, and other websites focused on astrology, tobacco, beer, nature and organic tea.

A university Athlete steals intellectual property from 11-years-olds

In 2012, University of North Carolina Erik Highsmith, then a senior wide receiver, had to write a blog post as an assignment for his communication class. It’s hard to understand why he decided to plagiarize an essay based on the subject of chickens taken from an educational website. The piece he had copied and pasted entire portions from, was written by 11 years old.

Amy Schumer stolen jokes debacle

Comedian Amy Schumer have been repeatedly accused of stealing a variety of jokes from other comedians during her stand ups.

The story started gaining steam at the beginning of 2016, when three fellow comedians noticed that some portions of their material appeared in Schumer’s work. when some of the comedians started to backtrack on their reports out of fear, Internauts started gathering several videos with one reddit user putting together a video comparing Amy Schumer’s jokes to the original material. Yikes!

If those cases of blatant plagiarism left you scratching your head, you are not alone. There are strong incentives to stay away from plagiarism. Consequences can be devastating ranging from loss of reputation to monetary penalties or even serious penal sanctions. But more importantly, originality and honesty are always the best options. Those who plagiarize, always miss out on the joy of the creation process. There is great satisfaction in trusting in your own capacity to do great things.


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