The plagiarism of a galaxy far, far away …

For the upcoming release of “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, Disney has revealed the promotional posters for the film. High in color, elegant and original … Original? Not really..
Shortly after being posted on the Internet, the posters sparked controversy.  Indeed, Mr. Bahous, an independent graphic designer has noticed disturbing similarities between the posters and his own work for Sony Music.
Mr. Bahous release on his Facebook a comparative image of the works. You can judge…

Compilatio parle des affiches de Star Wars Solo

Star Wars did a plagiarism ?

Plagiarism or not plagiarism?

Earlier this year, researchers recorded some of Shakespeare’s works. It seems that the playwright used passages almost identical to one of the anonymous works “King Leir”, of the time.

“In the Duke of Gloucester’s opening monologue, and a passage from Discourse, for example, the scholars and their software found that each contained “a tight juxtaposition of the same eight terms: glass, proportion, fair, feature, deformed, world, shadow, Nature.” The words occur within 77 words in Discourse and within 92 in Richard III – running them through a searchable database of more than 60,000 early English books, no other work contained the same eight words in passages of up to 200 words.”

Source : TheGuardian “Plagiarism software pins down new source for Shakespeare’s plays”


Plagiarism or not plagiarism?

An example of musical plagiarism reported in court

The “Blurred Lines”, a famous music during summer in 2013, sounds to be  a plagiarism of the funk song “Got To Give It Up” according to the American justice. It may be noted that this is one of the rare cases of musical plagiarism that comes with a real answer to the question raised, and the people accused of half the copyrights to the original song.

The American justice punishes a musical plagiarism case