Can we talk about plagiarism for video games ?

Can we accuse someone of plagiarizing our video game? That’s what Bethesda wants to do. Indeed, the company which created Fallout Shelter, a post-apocalyptic management game, accuses Warner Bros of plagiarism for his game based on the WestWorld series.

According to Bethesda, the game’s operation is essentially the same as their game, and would even be a complete copy.

Fallout Shelter et WestWorld, un plagiat ?

Bethesda against Warner Bros

This is plagiarism !

Childish Gambino, for his hit “This is America” is accused of plagiarism. Users of Reddit have noticed disturbing similarities between the tube of Childish Gambino, and “American Pharaoh” by Jase Harley. People noticed the following points of similarities :

  • Criticism of racism
  • The violence of America
  • Rhythm of the melody

The producer of “This is America” defended himself by declaring on Twitter that the piece of Jase Harley was 3 years old, before removing the tweet, which aroused even more the suspicions of the Net surfers.

Jase Harley, for his part, says he is honored to have been one of the inspirational sources of one of the most important musical and visual works of the time.

This is America : a plagiarism ?

Samsung and Apple : it all ends ?

We talked about this subject in our May News :

Plagiarism news May 2018

After a 7-year-old affair, Samsung and Apple have found common ground. Indeed, after the sentence for Samsung to pay $ 539 million to Apple, the company with the apple and the South Korean company preferred a friendly agreement.

The terms of the agreement, however, were not mentioned.

Samsung and Apple : The end ?