Does political plagiarism exist ?

Can we really talk about plagiarism in politics ? It’s a question that we can ask to yourself, with this Italy’s five stars movement (M5S). Indeed, after a study of the M5S’s economical program, the website Il Post put under the light that 11 on 20 chapters were plagiarised.

Thoses plagiarised parts could be found for example on Wikipédia, for some definition especially. Even more strange, some of the plagiarised were about speech of opposant deputy of M5S.


Luigi Di Maio et son parti, M5S, accusés de plagiat

It’s not the first time that M5S is bringing up some issues, especially with the clumsy speech of it’s leader, Luigi Di Maio.

M5S in the storm !

An assumed double technological plagiarism

Somebody had to dare. And it’s the brand Leagoo which did it, a chinese brand.
Indeed, the brand has created a copy, really close of the design of the iPhone X. To go even further, it named it … S9. It’s the good way to enrage the two smartphones giants.

Leagoo plagie Apple avec son nouveau smartphone, le S9

Moreover, the brand is well known for it’s habit to plagiarised it’s opponent, with for exemple, the Leagoo Kiicaa S8, which was a Samsung Galaxy S8 copy.

An iPhone called S9 ?