Can animals have some copyrights for what they are doing?

After the “Monkey Selfie” case, it’s a valid question. During this case, a photographer was being charged with using a monkey picture which didn’t belong to him, but to the monkey, because it took the picture by itself… This is technically a violation of copyrights.

Monkey Selfie Case

Internet community: A genuine plagiarism detector

Fortunately, plagiarism cases don’t always end badly. It has been revealed on Twitter few hours after the launch of the news clothes set: Gucci was copying the design of some clothes of a 90’American creator, Dapper Dan. Thereby, Gucci went in Harlem, the hometown of the creator, and had a talk with him. They came to an agreement, and they end up collaborating for 2018.

Gucci against Dapper Dan

When poetry and plagiarism blend

The official Canadian parliament poet is charged with the plagiarism of different authors in his last collection. They didn’t want to challenge the career of the departed poet, so plaintiff just wants the credit of the real authors of the poem in the collection.

Late poet plagiarism

picture credits: freepik