Integrate Compilatio easily into your educational plateform

Compilatio can now be activited easily into your LMS thanks to LTI technology.
The main goal ? Allowing teachers to use our plagiarism detection software Magister directly into their usual working plateform, without needing to use our interface.

Advantages for users and institutions

– Direct access to Magister within the class context in an integrated and transparent way

Easy integration and setting which do not require any special technical skills

– Good way to computerise plagiarism detection in students works, and to renforce  preventing plagiarism policy


Examples of Learning Management Systems s with LTI integration for Compilatio

A question about your LMS ?

What is LTI exactly ?

It is a standardised standard that links third-party applications to educational platforms. The LTI can be seen as a connector between your LMS and external tools such as Compilatio. Integration is facilitated, completely transparent and secure.
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