When writing your bibliography, the following rules are applied depending on the nature of the source :


SURNAME, Christian Name (Year). Title. Place : Publisher. Number of pages.

Example :
MOORE, Geoffrey (2006). Crossing the Chasm. New York: HarperCollins Publishers. 227 p.


SURNAME, Christian Name (Year). “Article Title.” Title of periodical. Volume number. Number of pages.

Example :
ANDREAU, Sylvie (2007). “The managers sentenced to growth”. L’Usine Nouvelle. No. 3037. pp. 62-67.


AUTHOR of report. “Title of report”. Title of congress, date of Congress, place of congress.

Example :
DELMOND, Marie-Hélène. “From the know-how of the hierarchal company to knowing how to manage a network company: the case of outsourcing IT services”. Proceedings of the 3rd Congress IFSAM, 8-11 July 1996, Paris.


ORGANISATION or SURNAME, Christian Name. Title of the site, accessed : DD/MM/YYYY at : URL

Example :
DUMON, Olivier. Le Monde. “The great French Internet user filtering will start soon”, accessed on 10/06/2008 at : http://www.lemonde.fr/technologies/article/2008/06/06/le-grand-filtrage-des-internautes-francais-va-bientot-commencer_1055014_651865.html#ens_id=1048963

Each element should be separated by coherent punctuation.