An exhibition specialised in education and technology: the BETT Show!

The BETT Show took place in London, from 23 to 26 January 2018.
One goal: to bring together professionals and specilists of education, with innovative technologies that will make it possible to access the education of tomorrow.

Compilatio was at BETT Show !

Compilatio was there to meet you and discuss about plagiarism and intellectual property.
We were able to give you dedicated advice to put in place an effective prevention policy into your institution.
It was also a great opportunity for you to discover communication tools that Compilatio offers to make your teaching teams and students more aware about plagiarism (posters, training materials, tailored website dedicated to plagiarism Infoplag… ).
Many institutions, coming both from the United Kingdom and Europe, came to discuss about plagiarism: a growing issue caused by behavior changes on the Internet.

Compilatio était au Bett SHOW !

Institutions on the road to prevent plagiarism

We notice a real awareness from our visitors, weither coming from higher or further education : it is time to put in place an effective plagiarism awareness policy to train cyber-responsible students and  adults. The aim of Compilatio is to p implement an educational approach through continuous prevention and not only sanctions. Compilatio supports educational institutions to raise awareness and evaluate their students regarding plagiarism issues.

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