Why prevent plagiarism?

The reality of plagiarism

Student in the library

Pupils are often assessed based on their essays, which should require them to research a subject and acquire knowledge, then adapt it to suit their own requirements before reproducing it in their own words.

The Internet has now become the preferred source of documentation for students. Unfortunately, this medium makes it easier to re-use the documents they find “exactly as they are”, thanks to the famous “copy and paste” function. 
Often, students do not indicate that an extract borrowed from another author is a direct quote. Worse, some students shamelessly pretend that entire sections of text copied from other documents are their own work. These kinds of practices are acts of plagiarism.

Compilatio anti-plagiarism software is a major means of preventing “copying and pasting”.

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Even though 4 out of 5 students admit to having used the “copy and paste” function in their homework, they are not all cheats at heart. Studies carried out by Compilatio in partnership with a number of universities and higher education establishments have allowed us to explain this widespread use of plagiarism: 
Rather than indicating a lack of ethics, it is the way the Internet makes it so easy to find and reuse texts that attracts students. Each individual will try to find the easiest way of accomplishing a task. The same applies to students who try to complete their homework as quickly as possible. These days, there is nothing to stop the use of “copying and pasting”, even though students recognise this as a practice that is not allowed and may be punished.

Thanks to the solutions for preventing plagiarism offered by Compilatio.net, it is even easier to detect “copying and pasting” than to do it in the first place!


Get your students involved in your campaign to prevent plagiarism

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Students are directly affected by the issues involved in your campaign to prevent plagiarism. That’s why it’s essential to get them involved in the process by encouraging them to hand in the documents themselves. This will help you to save time collecting documents and promote your campaign.

To take this approach a step further, we recommend that you make your students aware of their responsibilities by positioning them at the centre of your anti-plagiarism approach. Compatible with the Magister by Compilatio.net solution, the Studium by Compilatio.net solution allows students to self-assess the predominance of their own work in the documents they are going to hand in.

For more information on the STUDIUM by Compilatio.net software CLICK HERE