Discover the future Compilatio AI-Detection service

Texts written by a human or by an artificial intelligence?

Detect the origin of a content with Compilatio's AI multilingual detector

integrity checker
Promoting integrity

AI detection ensures that the assignment is the result of individual work.

cheat checker GPT-3
Avoiding the temptation to cheat

Announcing that institutions are able to automatically detect AI-written content deters.

teaching AI
Refining the quality of teaching

Detecting AI-generated content can help teachers understand where students are struggling.

fairness with ChatGPT
Treating with fairness

Automated AI detection allows for equal correction across all documents.

ChatGPT content detector

How does the Compilatio AI Detector work?
Is it reliable?

By training on a corpus of documents generated by both humans and machines, AIs such as ChatGPT become predictable: there is a statistically exploitable difference between a text written by a human and a text generated by an AI. 

This predictive model, combined with natural language processing (NLP) techniques, allows us to detect the AI/human distinction in several languages with over 90% reliability.

You can access the demonstrator to test the technology on a short text. In the future, the AI Compilatio content detector will be able to analyze all your documents. Service available soon: see details on this page.

Continue training the model with the Compilatio demonstrator. 

How will you benefit from
from AI Compilatio detection?

AI content checker subscription
Simple subscription to Compilatio AI Detector

to access a detection report of content generated by AIs such as ChatGPT, YouChat...

Service in development - Coming soon

AI detection subscription
Subscription to the " Magister + " offer

to access a combined plagiarized text and AI-generated text detection report

Service in development - Coming soon

AI detection report

How will the AI detection report look like?

Report available with Compilatio AI Detector subscription

You will get an easy to read and understand detection report that will provide the following information:

  • percentage of AI text,
  • locations of AI-generated passages in a clickable diagram,
  • visualization of AI-generated passages in the document.
chatgpt plagiarism detection report

How will the combined Similarity & AI Content detection report look like?

Report available with the Compilatio Magister + subscription

The analysis of similarities and AI-generated texts in your document is done simultaneously. You get a complete detection report to evaluate the originality of the content:

  • two detection percentages: 
         - similarity score (potential plagiarism)
         - score of writing by AI (potential ghostwriting),
  • origine of detected sources: AI-generated content, web sources, your own documents already analyzed, documents from a user at your institution or a partner institution,
  • visualization of passages directly in the document.

How will you be able to access the Compilatio AI detector?

access ai plagiarism detector
Via your own platform

Analyze your content directly in your LMS or custom platform via the Complatio API.

chatgpt content detector online
Via the Compilatio online platform

Analyze your texts by accessing the online interface (SaaS) of Compilatio.

The Compilatio AI Detector: the tool you need to ensure authenticity


A powerful detector to efficiently detect AI-generated content.


A tool to process content in several languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian...


A detector that is constantly evolving to adapt to new versions of AIs.


Several functionalities to meet different use cases.


Reliable analysis results in just few seconds.

Easy to use and understand

An optimized interface to facilitate your use.

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Compilatio elabora i dati forniti in questo modulo per la finalità "Accompagnamento del suo interesse e scoperta dei prodotti e servizi associati a Magister, per un uso istituzionale" e, se applicabile, "Informazioni sulla tematica del plagio" . Scopri di più sulla gestione dei tuoi dati e sui tuoi diritti.

Detect AI-generated content with Compilatio

Compilatio Artificial Intelligence Text Detection Service allows you to work for the integrity and authenticity of content. You can easily and quickly identify content from ChatGPT (GPT, GPT-2, GPT-3), YouChat and other AIs.