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Tools to detect content written with ChatGPT

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Test the reliability of our AI detector

A demonstrator to detect ChatGPT 

Compilatio will soon commercialize a service to detect texts generated by Artificial Intelligences. For the moment, an online demonstrator is used to evaluate and refine the reliability of the technology. 

Multilingual AI detection

This detector can process texts written in different languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, etc.

Understanding the birth of the Compilatio AI detector with the Press Release of February 2023

ai content detection

Discover the future Compilatio AI-detection Service

Visual Preview 

See what the Compilatio AI detection interface and AI analysis reports will look like with early visual mockups. 

How to access 

Understand the different options to access the future AI-detection service:

  • simple subscription to Compilatio AI Detector,
  • subscription to the "Magister +" offer.
ia content detector comparison

Comparison of best AI detectors


In early 2023, we compared several AI detectors, including the Compilatio multilingual detector. The objective: to evaluate the reliability of the 11 main AI detection tools on the market.

Comparison Methodology

We analyzed 125 English texts of varying sizes. The analyzed texts contained both human-written and AI-generated texts.

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Detect AI-generated content with Compilatio

The Compilatio multilingual AI Content Detector allows you to know whether content was written by a human or generated by an AI, including ChatGPT (GPT, GPT-2, GPT-3). Check the originality of your content efficiently with Compilatio.