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Preventing plagiarism is a major concern for higher education. Since 2005, Magister Compilatio has allowed teachers to appreciate the personal work of students and quickly identify the most original work.

Many teachers would like to go even further and think that students should be at the centre of the system to prevent plagiarism.

Compilatio Studium was designed in response to this request, to make students more responsable in their work habits.

Compilatio Studium Service

Studium Compilatio allows students to analyse their work before handing it in to the teacher for evaluation.

Information obtained by analysing a document :

  • Calculating the originality of the work
    • the percentage of the original text and the percentage of similarity to other sources
  • Find sources to quote
    • the list of sources with at least one similarity with the text in the document
  • Assemble and complete your bibliographical references
    • an indicator of the amount of similarity with the source
    • the nature of the similarity (accidental or meaningful)

What does Studium Compilatio not allow :

  • decreasing the effectiveness of Compilatio Magister
  • judging whether a similarity is due to a quotation or plagiarism
  • the rephrasing of the similarities

How to obtain the Compilatio Studium service

To use the Compilatio Studium service, you must have a user account to submit documents and the analysis credits used in each document analysis. Access to the service can be as part of a process initiated by your institution or an individual approach.

Institution initiation

In addition to the Compilatio Magister service for teachers, your institution puts at your disposition a user account and a quota of Compilatio Studium analysis credits for one year.

You can purchase additional analysis credits if your use goes beyond the scope offered by your institution.

Individual approach

You create your user account directly on the site and gain analysis credits according to the frequency of your use of the service.

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The benefits of this solution

Compilatio Studium brings many benefits when associated with the teacher's use of Compilatio Magister.

Students :

  • assurance that the originality of the work meets the requirements of the academic world.
  • improving the rigor of work and quality of the writing
  • avoid being accused of infringement or plagiarism
  • taking responsibility for the moral and ethical conduct towards work.
  • enhancement of respect for the law, the rules and a good work ethic

Teachers :

  • improving the personal contribution of students towards their work
  • a simplified control procedure
  • time saving : less litigation and problems to handle

Institutions :

  • a decrease in involuntary plagiarism
  • students who take more responsibility in preventing plagiarism
  • students who feel happier having more control over preventing plagiarism and feeling actively involved

Who can use Compilatio Studium?

Institutions offering the use of Compilatio Magister to their teachers can offer the use of Compilatio Studium to their students.

Each student has an individual user account from which he can analyse his work.


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